grotesque (tread softly)

I’m unsure, but maybe the best way to smooth my writing is using the quantative/qualitative components of stess to soften the poem; that’s where I figured that my peoms might be grotesque, and it might be a good nomadic/artless point to use. Worth trying


For you, the disgust
I bear, I have only plastic
pinned to a table,
smoothly wiped off,
just 3 minutes later,
quite pitiful.

to make the interplay of feet and beats smoother, even-though neither really exist in free verse! I’d read the last line as two immediate stresses or two iambs, and hope that the two combine smoothly, that ‘quite’ is a beat but not an ictus and this makes the poem, here its tone, softer.

Or perhaps I can think of it in process, shaping the poem into and out of metrical ghosts, and using the moment to do so smoothly

With you,
for the disgust I bear,
I have a plastic
pinned to tables,
being wiped off smoothly,
just three minutes late,
quite pitiful.

I don’t know…