The zombie of meter

The title of this blog is grotesque catalysts, and I originally had wanted to use ‘grotesque’ as a catalyst, rather than compose gargoyles.

  • The decadence of culture is found — also — in free verse.

You can read my verses (and I can write in most, not the sestina, forms easily) with feet, and, while a metrical analysis changes their music (originally a taboo non-thing) significantly, it may help them pick something up. So e.g. here perhaps (the need to fit it into standard feet really changes the stress): iamb dactyl / trochee iamb / iamb iamb trochee / anapest / anapaest iamb iamb / iamb iamb trochee


They glance back at stunned

small plant, embraced

midstreet with no tending

just “thank you”,

fingers still in plastic wrap,

her set to permission.

If you want, pay attention to the interplay of those two tunes, quantitative or continuous, and I hope that you, the reader, then find the figuration truly energetic. With a wider palette…