‘incidental harvest’

Short chapbook, 2011, by Tim Allen. Sense of muted humour (at his sanity?), dynamic allusion (4Qs e.g., maybe through a Stevens seam), and ecological interest. I didn’t get the repetition, what was being referred to each time. Liked the overt reference to musical instruments. Claims he was a surrealist (little sense of – some sorts anyway – irony there), “if they can do it / anyone can” (‘they’ being rock formations or bats, unsure which):

though I hope it will be enough

to distact

your attention

from every other poem

in the world

So, at turns hyperactive then rhetorical. It is the more beautiful collection. Suppose that in this act of self identification (Rimbaud?) the personality is integrated, then my question was / is that meaningful? Dispose of the poem but not poetry. When the surrealist’s personality is obliterated by nature etc., is the poem then arbitrary but meaningful?

This poem alone exists