Perfect Pitch

Prof. Bernstein was kind enough to send a pre-publication copy of one chapter, to me a few years ago. I guess the phrase links open field, to Zukofsky and l=a=n=g=u=a=g=e; which is apt as that’s what i asked B. about (and why i named my manifesto noise-querical”

The book is very good, and shows off B.’s technical virtuosity, aptly. Aside from its list of equations and poets (the “schizophrenic” diagnosed poet – Weiner – gets a nod, an oddly brief note – explicitly there saying “she had perfect pitch) and its treatment of American nationality, there is this phrase that we are “all” everyone language now.

I guess that means it is the self in lyric poetry that sets off to begin again, as opposed to the work, inverted, which would begin again to set off.

Separating, then, author and text.