inside and outside

“In a poem of this sort one is trying to record the precise instant when a thing outward and objective transforms itself, or darts into a thing inward and subjective.”

Pound – Vorticism, 1914

“in other words, the ‘right’ (wahr-) proper noun, however apparently idiosnyratic, if ‘tested’ by one’s own experience (out plus in) ought to yield along this phylo-line (as the speech thing, above)…”

Olson – Letter to Elaine Feinstein, 1959

Grotesque figures, by contrast, can erase the borders separating inside and outside, normal and abnormal. When boundaries, limits, are erased, then different places or images are merely parallel, do not overlap.

“The vorticist relies on this alone; on the primary pigment of his art, nothing else.”

Pound – Vortex, 1915

Any combination of sense images, then, reflects only the emotions or concepts each image in the poem shares, their overlap – subtractive synthesis.

Grotesque imagery reflects nothing, and is meaningless.